About Us

Fishing boat and pontoon boat rentals

For family gatherings or fishing expeditions, our fishing boat and pontoon boat rental service is ideal for any occasion. We offer brand name boats that are safe as well as eco-friendly! All of our boats are inspected every day. Along with our fishing boat and pontoon boat rentals, we offer itineraries, expeditions, activities and more!

Great for all occasions!

Boat rentals are not just for fishing anymore! Family festivities, parties, vacations, picnics, BBQs and expeditions are only a few of the many occasions for renting a boat. At Marina Fitch Bay, we want to make sure you have a great time. That means we listen to our customer’s demands and personalize our services. Our pontoon boat rental service can include a wide variety of other services. Want to have an even more relaxing visit? We can even provide a captain if you don’t feel like driving.

A great location for pontoon boat rentals

Besides personalized services, we offer something other marinas in the region can’t provide: calm waters. Since we don’t rent Sea-Doos or big motor boats at our marina, the water is always peaceful. What’s more, our marina is surrounded by stunning forests that add to the overall calm and beauty of the setting. There are no large cities, cars, parking lots, buildings or other eyesores in sight. This makes our pontoon boat rentals ideal for really getting away from it all.

Safe and secure pontoon boat rentals

Safety is our top priority here at Marina Fitch Bay. This shows in many facets of our services. From mandatory life jackets to regular boat inspections, no detail is left to chance. In fact, you’ll be reassured to know that we may refuse a pontoon boat rental if the weather is bad. Our goal is to provide you a fun but safe experience, which means we may decline a service if we deem it unsafe. We recommend you call our office to be sure you can rent a boat for the day and to make sure the weather is satisfactory for boating.

Our rules

We are all about you having a good time, but we do have some rules and regulations. We ask all customers to arrive at least 15 minutes before the rental period starts in order to go over the rules and regulations related to boat rentals. A valid driver’s license is required to rent a boat. To ensure your safety, we inspect the boat completely before renting it, as well as afterwards. We ask that the rental fee be paid in full before you take the boat out. We reserve the right to refuse a fishing boat or pontoon boat rental.

No animals (except seeing-eye dogs)
Food and drinks are allowed
The captain and his assistant may not drink alcohol